Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another shiny new toy

Today I finally got round to charging up my latest exciting new purchase. I am now happily listening to Mahler on my shiny cordless headphones and enjoying the novelty of being able to move freely about rather than having to keep my head at a slightly odd angle - previously if I wanted to listen to anything really loud I used my crappy little in-ear things plugged into my laptop, and just remained in my chair for the duration of the piece. Not really a workable solution! Now however I can wander round my flat and my ears don't even get hot thanks to these rather lovely big padded beasties that sit firmly round them rather than inside. Now I just need to find a day which isn't a Sunday when I don't have to leave the house, and then I can get on and order the even more exciting item which was the reason I bought these headphones in the first place. Yes folks, bring on the digital piano! Unfortunately such a day is proving rather elusive currently, but through some cunning driving lesson re-arranging I may yet find a Saturday when I can just sit at home and await the arrival of probably the most fabulous thing I will ever have purchased. Woo and indeed yay.


Juicy said...

Oooh new headphones sound muchos coolio. What make of piano have you decided to go for? Hurrah for buying pianos!

Sarah said...

Hurrah indeed! I'm getting the Yamaha CLP280.

Naomi said...

Those sound really cool! The piano will be a great investment too, you're going to love it when it gets here!

P.S. Oh dear, I need help. I saw the title 'Another shiny new toy' and you can guess what I thought of. I'm getting slightly worried by this obsessiveness I seem to have :-S

Juicy said...

LOL Naomi you are such a kinky beast!!

Sarah I've just looked at the piano and it's very impressive - looking very similar to an acoustic piano with the legs and all like they are! Very swanky.