Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A very large cheque

Fifteen months ago, as some of you may remember, my Grandpa died. This meant that my dad was able to wind up our half of the trust that was established in 1951 to share between his and his brother's children and "remoter issue" - a charming legal term if ever there was one. The money was invested in various unit trusts and stock, and finally, after over a year of winding everything up, on Monday dad was able to sign off the cheques for all fifteen of us and post them out. This morning my cheque arrived.

My great grandfather, who set up the trust, never met me and I never met him. If he came back now and saw me walking down the street he wouldn't know who I was, and yet his money has enabled me to buy three of the things I most want. Money can't buy you happiness, but it can certainly buy you items and experiences that help you to create your own happiness, and that's what I'm doing in a major way this year.

Part one was the camera and assorted memory cards, case etc. Part two will be a rather fabulous piano and cordless headphones. Part three is the majority of my uber fantastic holiday next year which is currently the major thing getting me out of bed at 6am every morning. When I'm having fun taking pictures of my friends, or playing Beethoven, or standing on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge - on top of the world - I'll be thinking of my Grandpa, and of his relations, and of my dad who sorted everything out, and I'll be so grateful for being incredibly lucky and being given these fabulous opportunities.

Now I just have to head to the bank!


Juicy said...

Hurrah for relations and large cheques! And for pianos! My acoustic piano is out of tune through lack of use so this weekend while I get the opportunity at home I am playing it until my fingers hurt!!

I've just been doing about probate at College and the term 'issue' amused me greatly. It's just the sort of pompous terminology you expect from old law. At least it's a way of including a larger group of people while at the same time using less words (less waffle = a very good thing for a lawyer)

Chelsea said...

isnt it nice how the sad event of someone passing can bring happiness after they leave? My grandmother died last november and although she didn't have 2 pennies to rub together, she left my sister and I a suitcase full of jewellery! Now, if ever I have a stressful day at work, I just have to touch the necklace/ring/earrings of hers that i'm wearing and it makes me feel like she's there looking out for me xx