Monday, April 30, 2007

Free stuff!

I take online surveys for about four different internet research companies, and I earn various points or account credits for doing so. I've been doing them for years because I quite enjoy it (sad I know) and have never really thought about the value of the points I've been building up. This evening I randomly went into the My Account section for one of the websites, and discovered that I had absolutely loads of points to redeem. I went along to the rewards section and have just ordered a £25 HMV e-gift certificate. I'm now excitedly awaiting the arrival of Costello Music by The Fratellis, the Legally Blonde soundtrack and Film Molecules by Tender Trap. I haven't bought any treats for myself for absolutely ages so this is really well timed. Woo for free stuff!

1 comment:

Juicy said...

Cool! Costello music is great as well...may have to do some temporary "yoinkage" from you so I can copy it to my MP3 player! It pays to do surveys after all!