Thursday, April 12, 2007

Contemplating the future

Although it pains me to look beyond April next year, I do on some level realise that once I return from the glorious land Down Under I will have to get myself a job. While in the short term this may be a temping thing or a similar role to my current one, in the medium to long term I have ambition and a desire to earn what I'm worth. With this in mind I've registered to attend the graduate recruitment fair at the NEC in June, just to get an idea of what's out there. Browsing the company websites for the past couple of evenings has been quite scary - I might finally have to get my graduate head back on and convince people that I'm brilliant at things that I don't fully understand yet. Demonstrating that you can be a manager and a leader involves so much more than being daddied along in a low paid public sector job does. Hopefully within the next year I'll have considered the problem enough to have made lists of things I have done that demonstrate potential, which I hadn't even realised demonstrated it until now. One can but try, and the worst that can happen is that I continue on my somewhat slower path and don't have to sell my soul to the corporate masses, which doesn't sound bad for a worst case scenario.

Everything just round the corner is so very unknown, interesting and challenging at the moment. It's a shame that the corner is so gradual and that I have another 9.5 months of boredom/stress/cock-ups (depending on the day) to go in my current position. I'm sure that all jobs become this tedious eventually, but it would be lovely to be looking for something new now rather than in a year's time. But then who am I to complain? It's even lovelier to know that on this day next year I'll be visiting Mount Cook and arriving in Christchurch, having just come from an overnight cruise on a lake under the mountains. I have the best get-out clause in the world!

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