Saturday, April 21, 2007

The little mundanities of life

Apologies for the lack of posting recently, but I haven't felt that inspired to write about my little dramas of late. This week has been fairly busy - I started my six week evening course on Project Management on Tuesday and enjoyed the first lecture. I have to attend every Tuesday between 6 and 9 and although it felt strange to be still working and concentrating after 5, the material was interesting so I think I'll enjoy it. Then on Thursday I went to a grammar school in south Warwickshire with Charlotte for a careers evening, which earned me four hours of overtime as well as a chicken sarnie, a muffin and a cookie which can't be bad. Today we had our last open day of the current set so I earned another eight hours of extra pay and it was much less stressful than sometimes as I was on office cover in the afternoon so could just sit quietly and avoid everyone, except for the moments when the phone rang.

Other events of the week include a power cut on Monday, which only affected my road and went on until I went to bed. I ended up getting dinner from the chippy and then reading by candlelight in the otherwise pitch dark! At first it was quite exciting to be having a little drama but by 10pm I was definitely bored of it. A more amusing interlude happened on Thursday when I dropped in to Mark's leaving soiree for ten minutes after work to find him in a state of extreme inebriation with some very dodgy wet patches down his jeans. Class.

So, as you can see it's been all quiet little events for me with nothing really worth writing about. (I do of course realise that I've ended up boring you all with it anyway...) I'll try to find something more interesting to say soon!


juiiiiiiiiiiicy oi said...

Due I'm so not wsober enough to typ rite now but was just goinbgt to compain of lack of sarah beast bloggigee so u hav proved me wrong and bloggered! huzzah. aplogolies fgor drinky hbehaviour tonight on las telephone. Dr Who has not beens recordfed for me i may crty. xxxx

word verficatiohns take muchos concertation/

Sarah said...

Hello drunky wench. How's the head today? You actually didn't sound that out of it on the phone...but that comment is quite special! Hehe.

Naomi said...

bloggered is so a verb that should be in the English dictionary