Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Juicy text

Can anyone shed any light on this?

"Drinky pants! Up p a fast! Sexy fox! Rah."

If anyone has any sort of clue, do let me know...

We love you Juicy, oh yes we do!


Hobo Gilbert said...

Hmmmm. If I were forced to make a guess I would say that the, "Drinky pants," and, "Sexy fox! Rah," sections are actually correct, leaving, "Up p a fast," which I think translates as, "U R a beast," in drunken text language.

Ergo, the message reads, "Drinky pants! U R a beast! Sexy fox! Rah." Still not particularly grammatically correct, but certainly more interpretable.

My god, how bored must I be right now!

Sarah said...

Ah, now that makes sense (for Juicy anyway). I really couldn't get that second sentence at all! It's amazing what "three grasses" of "wind" (yes, there was a second message) can do to your typing skills.

Juicy the drunken text whore said...

Yes my wind was very nice. And First Prize to Hobo for correctly guessing the translation of up p a fast. It was indeed "u r a beast". Not sure why I wrote drinky pants though. hmmm.