Saturday, May 26, 2007

On the telly again

Yes folks, the lovely Juicy and I are on Songs of Praise again this Sunday (27th May) at 5.10pm. The programme was recorded at Coventry Cathedral on Easter Monday, and we also recorded a further programme for September at the same time so you haven't seen the last of us yet! This recording was in some ways more interesting than the Stratford one, as we saw Diane Louise Jordan doing her pieces to camera (she looked very pretty with amazingly high heels) and we also saw the interview they did with Graham Kendrick although sadly we couldn't hear it as they were having some issues with the speakers. Anyway, look out for us tomorrow night: we were near the front on the right-hand side as you look from the front to the back of the church. I was pretending to be a soprano so listen out for some very squeaky top Fs in one of the descants! I'm definitely not designed to sing up there which is unfortunate as Berlioz appeared to think I am and has given me many Es and Fs and indeed F#s and Gs to sing in the Te Deum. But that's another story.

This weekend has been highly productive so far. I've had a driving lesson, been to the gym, been to Tesco, cleaned and done the laundry. I'm now listening to Sibelius through my lovely headphones and will have to stop typing soon so I can conduct the ending and cry a little bit, and then later I'm going to drink wine with the lovely Raquel and watch people who "could be Joseph" try to impress The Lord himself (daaaaaaa, da da da da daaaaaa) on telly. Hopefully tomorrow will also be just as productive if I can actually motivate myself to write this project plan. I seem to have lots of motivation in general at the moment so it should be ok.

Right, I'm going to conduct! Make sure you watch BBC1 at 5.10 tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Well we had a whole line!

Juicy said...

woooo we're so famous. And my nan recognised me this time - always a bonus! I have decided that I officially have the family nose because my side profile is very similar to my cousin's.

Oh and I am considering myself clever in thinking that "daaaa da da da da daaaa" is from Phantom, yes? hehehe.

Sarah said...

Indeedy. Every time Graham introduces Andrew the lights go down and they play the Phantom theme while he rolls his eyes and looks embarrassed. It's one of the many brilliantly camp moments that make the show so good.

Clearly there have been many nose revelations tonight. I was surprised to see just how up-turned my nose actually is - I'm thinking that my side profile is not the best angle! My grandad also managed to recognise me so it's all good. Clearly our one line was more obvious than the whole verse we got last time!

Juicy said...

nose jobs all round then? It's the 3 chins I'm more concerned about...where did they come from? Must work on anti-chinnige diet.