Monday, May 14, 2007

Fantastic weekend

Having looked forward to it so much, I'm happy to report that my weekend definitely lived up to expectations. My journey went really well and I connected with the bus I was aiming for despite both my trains running slightly late, and I even arrived home before the rain started. I made pudding, laid the table and prepared the other ingredients for the evening, before putting The Fratellis on the CD player and dancing round the living room for an hour while looking forward to the day when I have a detached house of my own. Mum and dad arrived home on time and dad was very surprised and pleased to see me which was lovely. I then made moussaka and put it in the oven, mum made a pint of Pimms and dad opened presents while we all giggled mightily. Then dinner was served, and very yummy it was too as was the champagne and gorgeous dessert wine. We all got brilliantly drunk and spent the whole evening laughing - just another perfect family day. Plus I got to watch last week's Dr Who that I'd taped so had the bonus of David Tennant running about in a DJ!

Saturday was a lazy day, then after mum and dad had gone to the theatre I had a G&T, microwaved the remaining moussaka, cracked open a bottle of wine and watched Any Dream Will Do followed by the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a thoroughly excellent year (and a lot more memorable than last year!) despite the block voting, although I do feel the shiny silver monument to camp that was the Ukrainian entry should have won. Terry was also on top form. My only error of the evening was deciding in my slightly tipsy state that consuming all the remaining chocolate pudding would be a good idea, something for which my stomach has still not quite forgiven me.

On Sunday I got up at 10 and enjoyed a large roast dinner and rhubarb crumble for lunch (this may also have contributed to my general internal woes) before a very easy journey home. I was in such a good mood that even going back to work didn't seem too bad. All weekends should be as excellent as this.

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