Friday, May 18, 2007

The joy of singing (again)

Last night's Chorus rehearsal reminded me just how much I love singing. We had a fabulous stand-in conductor who made us laugh, worked us hard and got a lovely sound out of us, and we had some wonderful music to sing courtesy of Berlioz. The concert is going to be another great one with this and the Rachmaninov. Sometimes I leave Chorus feeling tired and down, wondering why I gave up my evening, but when we have music this good and rehearsals this fun I walk out buzzing, on a real high. Music is still the best artform in the world, and being able to make music is one of life's joys. I'm still feeling cheerful the next day at 8.27am - now that's something!

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Juicy said...

I was on such a high when I left! It didn't last all that long as I got grumpy about a letter I received, but at least for the next hour I was all smiles and it was made all the better by Classic fm playing the orchestral version of Pictures at an Exhibition on my way home! I sat in the car outside the house until it has finished. Music is indeed one of life's joys.