Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life just sucks sometimes

This evening, as I walked home from the gym, I tripped on the edge of one of the many (many many) uneven paving slabs that cover the pavements of our beautiful but rather unsafe town. After a few steps of lurching forward attempting to stay upright, the inevitable happened and I sprawled across the floor in a highly undiginified and embarrassing fashion. I've only scraped my hands and knees and didn't cause any bleeding or bruising, so I'm outwardly fine, but in the few minutes after it happened I felt the lump form in my throat and the tears pricking my eyes, and I knew that however happy and independent I may be, what I needed most in the world at that moment was someone to wrap their arms around me and make the world melt away. I was reminded, quite painfully, that there's no feeling like being hugged tightly by someone who really loves you. Life just sucks sometimes.


Juicy said...

Aww hun sending MAHOOSIVE retrospective virtual huggage your way!

I'd go back, find the pavement in question and give it a damned good thrashing. Or just "accidently" drop chewing gum on it - The worst insult a pavement can have (well, apart from wee/vom on it, but that's not something I'd recommend...)

x x x

Sarah said...

Thanks wench. I think I'll settle for giving it dirty looks when I pass by...not sure I want to emulate the bloke we spotted on the mini roundabout that one time!

My knee still feels funny. Grrr.