Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bye bye brick

Today at 7.40 (on a Saturday!!) I was woken up by the delivery man bringing me my shiny new camera! It looks like this:

and is fabulous and small and quick. It has a really big touch screen on the back and absolutely the best feature is that you can play back your pictures in a slideshow with backing music! So I have half a film left to use and then it's bye bye to the brick that has served me so well for over ten years, and hello to my pretty new toy. Yay!


Naomi said...

Yay!! It's so preeedy!!!

No excuse for not taking loooooads of photos now and putting them up on facebook :-D xxx

Juicy said...

Dude, you like, so have to give the Brick a farewell ceremony. What are you going to do with it? It has indeed served you well.

The new one looks uber amazing and has a Carl Zeiss lens! Awesome. mmm, shinyness.