Monday, March 26, 2007


Yesterday, I was skanky, my hair was greasy, I was knackered and my eyes were weirdly sticky. And yet, when I stepped into Symphony Hall and began singing Haydn with the excellent Simon Halsey and the fabulous CBSO, I was full of joy and my heart was lifted. There is no music that makes me more purely happy than a Haydn mass. They feel like simple statements of faith and of a joy in that faith, and they're just wonderful to sing. Thankyou to Jo for bombing down the A46 to get me there on time!

Thanks also to Juicy for letting me sleep on your floor and to both of you for putting me to bed in my "tired and emotional" (in both the literal and the Private Eye sense) state! I had an excellent time on Saturday night and love my Pass the Parcel prize. Ooh, and well done to Kelly for a rather gorgeous crispie cake - I think I could have eaten the whole tin!

I'm now looking forward to a quiet and healthy week. It's started well with the conclusion of the carrot episode - the tape came off today and while the cut still looks a bit manky, it's healing up well and will be ok. I do still have an impressive dent in the side when you look at it from the top though!


Kel said...

So the bus didn't turn up then? :-(

Sarah said...

No. It didn't. Tonight is letter writing night - TWM will be feeling my wrath!