Friday, March 09, 2007

Most encouraging

Recently I've started emailing three men, all of whom contacted me first, and two of them are actually literate! Excitingly, all three of them are capable of reading my emails and asking intelligent questions, and they also sound like interesting people. In return I've been very nice to them and have responded promptly with lengthy emails that I've put some effort into. All most encouraging.

Also in the news this week:
  • I went to London on another UCAS fair. I had a fantastic time eating delicious meals on expenses and drinking gin and creamy cocktails with Michelle. I also nearly murdered the Officer who was with us. We gave out lots of prospectuses.
  • I love Elgar. Next week's concert should be fab!
  • I'm on annual leave next week and am looking forward to lie-ins and lunches. I also have some driving lessons which is less exciting.
  • I'm off to Reading again tomorrow with mum and dad for the great birthday piss-up. I'm not working on the open day with more pre-bookings than we've ever had before. This thought cheers me immensely.
  • Someone has left the end of a bottle of Bailey's in my cupboard. I discovered this today when I opened it looking for the Tia Maria. Whoever you are - thankyou! You have greatly enriched my evening.
I'm now going to watch Ugly Betty and perv over Daniel Meade while consuming more Baileys. Excellent.


Kel said...

I believe that the Baileys came from the House of Hogg on the night of Ann Summers. Happy drinking :-) x x

Sarah said...

Well thankyou to the House of Hogg-ers!

Julia said...

Mmmmm I love Daniel Mead.

Juicy said...

not as much as you love the cock. Hussy.