Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And therefore today is thrilling

Or yesterday anyway, in the words of Arthur Shaugnessy's terrible poem which Elgar set to significantly better music to form The Music Makers. I really enjoyed our epic concert yesterday - I think I could have done a lot better in the Elgar and I'm not convinced we gave our best performance, but the Mahler as expected was fantastic and I left on such a high! The orchestra did a really good job and the fifth movement especially was brilliant; as expected when the organ came in I got all emotional and had to think very hard about controlling my notes which by that point were uber fortissimo and rather shaky! I hit my top G though and then spent the final orchestral bars wobbling about and grinning like a loon. Fabulous.

Today mum and I went to Charlecote Park which turned out to be closed, so we went on a gorgeous walk in the sunshine to Hampton Lucy where we looked round the village and the church. We had a drink in the hotel at Charlecote and then came back to Leam for lunch in Strada, which was delicious and very cheap thanks to my 20% off voucher: £10 each for three courses and a drink! Bargain. This evening I went to the Arts Centre again to see the Philharmonia of the Nations (who?!) and now I'm drinking the rest of yesterday's wine (fair trade, naturally) and generally being happy that it's 11.41 and I'm not in bed. I do like annual leave.

Oh, and I passed my driving theory test yesterday as well. Altogether a most productive and excellent day.

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Juicy said...

You have to go back there when it's open it's a lovely house, I liked the stables (no suprises there)

I've had the sodding Elgar in my head for the last 2 days and it's slowely driving me mad - it's not that I don't love it, I'm just annoyed that the only bits that are popping into my head are the tenor and bass bits of 'and the multitudes are enlisted in the faith that their fathers resisted'. AAAAGH!!!