Friday, March 02, 2007


This week I went to Manchester with work. Free hotel, free food and free pink wine equals one happy Sarah newly remembering why she enjoys her job! We gave out 1028 prospectuses over two days as well which is pretty good between two of us. Our hotel was right opposite the Bridgewater Hall which I've always wanted to visit, and I was really impressed with the city as well but I didn't get to see much of it, so a weekend in Manchester with a Halle concert has been added to my list of trips to take.

This weekend I'm off to Reading to see the brother and to go to a concert in the Hammersmith Apollo. We're seeing The Feeling and I'm just ridiculously excited! I have the album on right now and have been doing some extremely stylish dancing round my living room. I think at this point tomorrow night I will be in a state approaching hysteria. Yaaaaaaay!

And, to top this off, I'm even looking forward to work on Monday because at around 3.50 Michelle and I will be boarding a train to London to work at another UCAS fair for two days. I get two more nights in a hotel and she's going to take me to Leicester Square to live the high life. We've planned evenings of girly getting ready listening to Girls Aloud (yes, there is someone else out there who likes them!) and drinking cocktails and generally being fabulous. There may possibly be some prospectus waving to be done at some point, but I'm choosing to overlook that.

Back to work I shall go on Thursday for two days, before heading off yet again to Reading for the momentous occasion of Simon's 20th birthday which this year falls on the day of the Reading Uni regatta which as boat club president it's his joyful job to organise. Mum, dad and I will be spending the day standing on the bank shouting stuff at men in boats, and then the evening will be spent eating yummy food and drinking parentally-purchased wine. Me and the brother are then going for a quality evening of dancing and drinking crap in the Students' Union where I fully intend to become acquainted with as many muscly 6-foot 20-year-old rowers as possible. My hangover may be great, at which point I will be very glad that I've booked the week after that off work.

Life is once again good!

In a PS, I should probably mention that I had a re-think about the job application after speaking to my Dad who is the fount of all knowledge. Having cheered up a bit I think this was the right thing to do. A girl can only take so many risks at a time and pissing people off to the extent that they might not write me a good reference doesn't sound like a wise plan. However, I did pay off the credit card bill for the deposit on the holiday yesterday so we're all systems go on that front. This time next year I'll be somewhere on the Gold Coast in 30 degree heat...bring it on!


Julia said...

Hey! I'll be in Reading student union on 17th too! I'm visiting my sister for a concert she's in and we're going out there after. Have I got the date right? Or are you going this weekend?


Sarah said...

No, it's this weekend: the 10th. I'll let you know if it's any good!