Friday, August 25, 2006

The Adventures of Henrietta

As some of you may know, my Dad has a large houseplant called Henrietta who lives with him in Swansea. While I was there I had to look after and give her three drinks of water, and one evening she sat on the balcony with me but tried to jump off during a sudden gust of wind and had to be brought back indoors. Henrietta has a more exciting life than you might expect!

Today she asked Dad to send me an email to tell me all about her latest adventure. I thought I would share it with you.

Dear Sarah,
Henrietta wants you to know all about her holiday.

Originally she really wanted to come with us to Nice. But I explained all about the new hand luggage regulations and how she would be squashed in. And then how she could be easily mistaken for a Mad Arab with a Bomb, and shot like that nice Brazilian man on the tube, and she saw that this was not wise.

I gave her the chance to stay at home. She wanted to know if you were coming again. But I explained she would have to be big and brave and have one big drink, and then wait for 10 days...perhaps with her feet in a bowl of water or on a sponge type cloth. I could tell she was not happy, because she was SO quiet. Then she tried to jump over the balcony again, and I knew she was really anxious. And she does find County Hall so very dark.

So we decided that she would come to Bewdley!! It is SUCH FUN seeing all her friends again. She's even sharing a room with an orchid!! And when she looks out of the window, instead of those boats ("more and more boats", she says...!) she sees those really rafish wild every day in the open! And they get tickled by those bees!

So Henrietta sends her love, and wants you to know she is having a perfectly splendid time. Her plate has come as well, though she did have to come off it in the car because she was being very silly and sliding round every time we turned a corner.

She hopes you are well, and is always really pleased to hear your news.

Love Dad

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