Thursday, August 03, 2006

Turning into my mother

They do say that everyone eventually turns into their parents, and I think it's been happening to me for a while. Today I was presented with yet more evidence. When we used to go on family holidays, mum and dad would drag us on country walks almost daily, either along cliffs or lanes or round National Trust gardens. My brother would complain loud and long and cause friction by whinging the whole way there, and while I knew this was pointless and tended to get on with it, I always wished that we could just be left alone to sit round the house reading or watching TV, or go shopping or to the cinema instead. Now I'm on holiday by myself for a week and I'm free to set my own agenda, so I could quite easily be spending my days cocooned inside the flat, reading, watching telly and eating, venturing out only to go into town. So what did I choose to do today? I caught the bus out into the middle of nowhere and went for a cliff walk, then sat on the beach and read the paper before walking all the way back again. I am voluntarily having my parents' holidays - and I'm having such a good time! I resign myself to my fate.

Mind you, I very much doubt my parents have ever visited a vodka bar or enjoyed 2 for 1 cocktails on holiday...maybe there is some hope for me yet!

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Chelsea Reay said...

don't worry- i appear to be turning into my father, which is much MUCH worse! xx