Friday, August 25, 2006


I've just dug out some of my old photo albums going back from 6th form through to 3rd year, and spent an incredulous few minutes uttering the phrase, "I can't believe I left the house with that hair!" over and over again. Seriously, what was I thinking?! It was like Thora in the rain every day! I was blaming it all on the lack of straighteners until I remembered that I actually bought my first pair halfway through first year, and they seem to have made no difference at all. I think it was the ceramics that really worked the miracles. Apart from the hair though, it's so strange to see how even people from uni, who I always remember as looking exactly the same, have grown up so much. Everyone looks so young at the music centre ball in second year, and even in third year. I think I'll definitely have to get the albums out at some future gathering for the entertainment of all!

On a nostagic note, it's so odd to see how much has changed in just a few years, and I'm really happy that I'm still such good friends with so many of the people in the pictures. It's sad that I don't know anyone from first year anymore, and those pictures especially are so invaluable as they remind me of a year when I looked truly terrible, but when I was totally happy. I still think of that as an idyllic year. I've also been reminded of the importance of taking photos, and I regret not taking more back then - I fitted two balls and associated years of activities into one album. The trend over the last year of taking lots of pictures will definitely have to continue, and one day I expect to look back on them as well and think about how young we all look now.

Oh, and although my hair was the definite star attraction, I did find some pictures of tour in first year and there were notable other youthful haircuts that caused a certain amount of amusement...*coughMr Gilbertcough*...


Juicy said...

*Sniggers at her own photos of Mr Flibert*

Yes we've all changed a lot - none more so that you Sarah! I have to say you are looking fab-i-dab-i-docious these days! Foxy lady!

I appear to have done nothing but yo-yo in weight. Grr.

Wilby said...

*Insert joke here about photos from my first year being in black and white*

Sarah said...

You mean they'd actually invented the camera back then? ;o)