Thursday, August 03, 2006

I hate S4C

S4C is as far as I can see the one and only really bad thing about Wales. There are a couple of programmes on Channel 4 tonight that I'd quite like to watch - my life won't be over if I don't see them, but I'd circled them in Heat (again, how sad am I?!) and they seemed to be the best things on tonight. Of course, I switch the telly on and get that familiar sinking feeling when I hear the odd language coming out of it, and I check the S4C listings and discover that instead of my programmes I am being offered the delights of Pobol Y Cwm, Clwb Garddio and Bandit, followed by Tipyn O Stad. Of course Big Brother is on as normal...Channel 4 getting its priorities right as always. The sooner Dad gets digital telly the better. I really hate S4C.


Jess said...

Try 3 years of it. It suck suck SUCKS!!!

Bethan said...

I totally agree with you! Why can't they make a separate channel for Wales? I miss loads of programmes I would have wanted to watch :(