Monday, July 31, 2006

Juicy and Sraah drunmky.

Juicy and Sarah are well pissed. keeps kissing my arm.

Juicy says:hymen frrecdt ubhgfgrtt. Well d9ohe Juicy.

We hage had many many shots of vodka. It was good. 18 between 3 of us! Oooooh dear. 2 for 1 cockails in Pitcher and Pinao! Bargainouuuuuuuuuuuuus.

Stu isk tickling Juicy. Well funny. She just said "i hae 3 vbreats". She walked with no flipflop all the way here cos it broike. Lotsof sounds c;amlu noised wooooo.

Jiucy saysLme flip fl9opuy brokey and me hot lamppsts w9ith flipflops been bnuggert. grunt.

I am not drunk. really. Am well sober.8ujhm deriniky. That was Juicy. She is well sdrunk. mot i waZ,m, that was also Juicy.


Andy Robinson said...

My God, you were 'drunky' weren't you!

I don't understand the bit about the lamp post. Please enlighten me.

Sarah said...

Basically Juicy's flipflop broke, so on the walk home she wore the left one and used the right (broken) one to whack every lamppost, pole, tree etc that we came across. They made lovely noises of various pitches, apart from the trees which went "thunk". We have photographic evidence for your future enjoyment.

Julia said...