Saturday, July 15, 2006


A summary of my weekend so far:
6.10 - Get up, wash hair, eat breakfast, pack rucksack, go to work.
8.30 - Work.
12pm - Go to Sainsbury's to buy chav drink. End up with Snowballs which is the closest they have.
3.45 - Volunteer to get to work half an hour early tomorrow. Error.
4pm - Let out of work early! Walk into Coventry, buy CD (The Feeling, Twelve Stops and Home) and book (Sue Townsend, Number 10). Buy cookie sundae from Ben's Cookies and eat in the boardwalk bit. Do Sudoku.
6pm - Arrive at Juicy and Stu's. Eat yummy pasta bake, drink random selection of stuff including the chav drink which tastes of complete ming. Have lots of girly fun getting glammed up.
8.30 - Go to the Union. Discover I like cider.
11.45 - Go to Baby B. Actual proper cheese! Dance.
1.15 - Eventually manage to get taxi.
1.45 - Go to bed.

6.30 - Get up. 4.75 hours sleep. Nice.
7.20 - Walk to work.
7.50 - Arrive at the office.
8am - Open day. Organise student ambassadors all day, take decisions, know what's happening, solve problems, nearly murder moronic staff members, generally do a damn good job if I do say so myself.
12pm - Lunch. Half an hour of sitting very very quietly.
12.30 - More open day. Sun comes round to face the building. World gets very very hot. Feel self burning, especially nose.
4pm - End of open day. More instructing and organising.
4.40 - Leave office with tray of leftover sandwiches. Walk to bus stop.
5pm - Get on bus.
6pm - Get home. Remove shoes! Get changed. Observe the extent of the quite special sunburn acquired (we're talking watch line, sandal lines, really brilliant narrow V-shape where my shirt was, sleeve lines etc). Eat entire tub of raspberry sorbay. Listen to quite brilliant new CD. Blog.

Funnily enough, this insanity has made me happy, fulfilled and generally highly appreciative of life, while a quiet night in and a day of rest would just have made me grumpy. It worries me that I enjoy stressful days at work quite so much! I think I might be turning into one of those people who really loves their job and gives up more time to it than they should. But hey - you can never do too much overtime, especially when it's paid at time and a half. 16 hours' worth this week! Woo.

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