Sunday, July 09, 2006

A much better day!

Today I found some motivation! I remembered that when I'm feeling a bit down I think that food will cheer me up when actually it makes me feel worse, and that what actually cheers me up is exercise. As soon as I'd got up this morning I walked to Warwick along the riverside path and back along the Emscote Road, and although I got rained on and had no brolly I really didn't mind, as if I'm just out walking for the sake of it I know I'm coming home and I can fix my Chicago hair then. Then this afternoon after the Wimbledon men's final I got my exercise DVD out again and bounced round my living room in highly energetic fashion. I now have two new achieveable weight loss goals, and I'm generally feeling happy about the world again! Let's hope I can remember to keep this up.

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