Thursday, July 06, 2006

A great weight has been lifted

Today I got home after another crappy bus journey and found an envelope with my dad's handwriting on in my post tray. Finally, after 7 long months, he and my aunty have managed to persuade Barclays to set up a probate account for my Grandpa's will (Barclays are actually the most useless bank in the whole world) and today my cheque for £1000 arrived. Never have I been so relieved in my life! I assigned the money to things I needed to do and didn't know how to pay for, but they all happened before the cheque arrived so I had to go overdrawn to pay for them. I've had some fantastic times at the ball and in Italy, and I've thought of my Grandpa throughout them (especially singing the Faure Requiem in Italy), and I've bought new clothes that I desperately needed and generally spent the money well. However, I've also had to extend my overdraft, take out an interest free credit card etc and generally get very stressed about money, and now I can go back into the black and pay off my credit card in one fell swoop. I feel so incredibly grateful to be in the situation where I can do that - I know not many people are as lucky as me and I'm so grateful to my Grandpa for leaving me this money. I feel even luckier that we have the trust fund pay-out still to come which is substantially larger, and will allow me to pay back my parents, buy my digital piano, cordless headphones and digital camera, learn to drive (hopefully) and start me off on my travelling savings. So thankyou again Grandpa for being so generous and helping me so much!

I should also tell you that when I opened the envelope I punched the air and then as I don't have any wine I swallowed a shot of Zubrowka and drank a glass of Creme de Menthe in celebration. My head's only slightly spinning at the moment!

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Juicy said...

Yay! It must be so nice to have that worry lifted.

I'm slightly drinky too. Had wine and bacardi mmmm