Sunday, July 16, 2006

Parentally-inflicted embarrassment

Next weekend I'm going to my parents' for mum's birthday, and I can't wait! However, in our weekly conversation mum told me something that is likely to cause me minor embarrassment on Saturday, which is impressive as I thought that she'd never manage it again now I've moved out. To be fair though, it's been done with the best of intentions so I won't complain. One of the social events of the year, Bewdley Regatta, is happening, and Simon will be rowing in it as usual with some old club mates and some other uni friends, and we will of course be going. It's always a great day out and I have happy memories of eating fish & chips from the Merchant's chippy and jumping up and down and screaming "Come on Bewdley!" at Simon's novice 8 a few years ago. This year however my parents have decided that we need to do things in style, so they've sponsored a pairs race which will allow them into the sponsors' tent for free food and drink, and a good vantage point at the finish line. Concerned that I wouldn't be allowed in with them, my dad also forked out £25 to sponsor a single skulls race on my behalf. At some point next Saturday the tannoy announcer will therefore be telling the great and good of Bewdley, probably including a lot of people I went to school with, that "the next race is sponsored by Sarah Barbour". Nice. But hey, I get free hospitality so I guess it's worth it!

I should also mention that now the World Cup's over, Richard Hammond is back on my tv. Hurrah.

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Juicy said...

They should have changed it so that it said ' the next race is sponsered by Thora'. That would have been amusing!

mmm, Hammond.