Saturday, July 29, 2006

In Swansea!

After 3 trains and a bus I made it to Swansea! Further details will follow on my brand new blog - I had some inspiration on train number 2 today and decided to set up a separate travel blog to chronicle my adventures, describe places I want to go to and list travel plans as they're made. I'll let you know when it's up...

For now I just wanted to record that I've had lots of my hair cut off (hurrah) because it was really annoying me, I've managed to get myself here and actually had a lovely journey, I've been to Tesco and back in the rain, and now I'm listening to girly rock (NY-LON soundtrack - awesome), cooking up a very large pasta bake and garlic bread, and I intend to drink the entire bottle of wine that I found waiting for me when I arrived - love my dad. I'm in the mood to eat fat and get very drunk! Apologies to those of you who I send drunk texts/MSNs to later, and to those of who escape this...well apologies to you too!

I really love travelling - but arriving is even better, and that first glass of wine after you arrive is better still. Extremely happy Sarah!

EDIT: I am currently dancing round Dad's flat, glass of wine in hand, to Twelve Stops and Home by The Feeling. This CD seriously has the best beginning to any album ever. Fact.

I may be slightly drunk...

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