Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Saturday night in

And so another weekend rolls around. Today started well with a lovely lie-in (until 8am!) and nothing bad has happened, but I haven't spoken to a single person apart from the man who fixed the Tesco self-service machine for me, and I'm getting a bit fed up of lonely weekends. I deliberately didn't plan anything for this weekend so that I'd be free to watch the Wimbledon finals, and today I did lots of things that I enjoy and that I wanted to do - I went food shopping, I watched cooking programmes, I watched the women's final, I watched Doctor Who (and cried buckets by the perfect was the ending?!) while eating fresh bread, and then I cooked a delicious dinner and watched Sleepless in Seattle, which is a really gorgeous film, while drinking a glass or two of rose. Now I'm watching The Batchelor on Channel 4 while finishing the bottle (don't worry, I didn't start the whole thing today).

All very nice in theory, and on the surface I've had a good day. However, I've spent the whole time feeling bored and wishing I was meeting my friends tonight or going out with someone. Even having someone to chat to while watching the tennis/film would have been good. I do appreciate my freedom and wouldn't want to live with anyone at the moment, but I've realised I'm going to have to start really planning in advance to arrange lots of things to do, because this is my second weekend in a row when I've spent Saturday night in being entertained by me, myself and I, and I didn't even do anything on Friday this week either. I'm ok for the next few weekends now - I have a potential date next weekend, then I'm going to Bewdley for my mum's birthday on the 21st and going out with friends I haven't seen for years on the 22nd which will be great, and then my Swansea adventure takes care of the next two. I'm sure I'll stop feeling sorry for myself soon! However, if anyone fancies coming over tomorrow to watch the men's final or the World Cup, you'd be very welcome. :o)

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Juicy said...

I cried buckets (and then some) at Dr Who too! In fact I've seen it twice so I had double the amount of crying. It's been an emotional day!