Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All present and correct

Big Brother aside, I've been really impressed with the week-night programming on Channel 4 lately. Their news, current affairs and documentaries are excellent. I've been particularly enjoying the A Child's Life series on Monday nights, especially the fascinating film about primordial dwarves that was on a couple of weeks ago. Each programme is sensitive and insightful, and leaves the viewer to make up their own mind about the situations presented. Last night's film was a very moving look at three sets of children whose fathers had all committed suicide. All the featured kids were clearly totally screwed up by the whole thing, even the two girls who had only been 2 and 3 at the time and had no real memories of their dad. I watched with a lump in my throat. One of the boys featured described life without his dad as like "having a bit missing". I went to bed very grateful and glad that all my bits are still present and correct. I hope they remain so for a very long time.

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