Friday, February 23, 2007

A turning point

All of a sudden, and quite from out of nowhere, this has become a very exciting week. Monday's announcement that my career break request had been refused really kicked off five days of butterflies, as my recent depressed feelings crystallised into actual thoughts and it became clear that I'm getting bored of my job and therefore a bit bored of my life, and really need to give the whole thing a kickstart. I was so energised on Tuesday night after booking the first part of my adventure, and spent the next two evenings frantically planning and the next two days dreaming. Then, to add to that, one of the more senior staff at work printed off one of the new jobs that's come up elsewhere within the university, handed it to me and told me to apply. I've been weighing up the pros (ever so slightly higher salary, much more impressive job title which will help in the future, really exciting job which I think I could definitely do) and cons (I'd only be in the job for ten months) and have decided to go for it. This week has been all about realising that sometimes you have to take risks, and the worst that can happen is that they don't interview me or I don't get the job. I was speaking to a colleague in another department today and she told me I had to apply or else, so I'll definitely be getting out the self-promotion side of my brain at some point this weekend.

Now, however, I'm going to celebrate my tentative new beginnings with a nice glass of gin. Excellent.

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Juicy said...

Yay am very glad you decided to go for it!!!

to Gin!!