Thursday, February 08, 2007


I like snow. Snow means that my bus takes an hour longer than usual to get to work, so that I have a legitimate reason for being 45 minutes late. Snow also means that we all get sent home at 4 and I get a lift.

I also like my Wind Orchestra hoody. Combined with a vest top, work top, polo neck jumper, coat, tights, trousers, socks, boots, scarf and gloves, it stopped me from being too cold on my mammoth bus journey this morning.

I don't like Stagecoach. Given the state of the roads this morning I was fully expecting them to cancel the buses but they battled on regardless in a quite unusual feat of public-spiritedness. This is probably a good thing overall, but the appearance of the X17 this morning did rather spoil the nice dream I was having at the bus stop of going home, wrapping up in my duvet and watching chick flicks all day.

Tomorrow night I think one of two things are going to happen. Either the slush will freeze and I'll fall down, or it'll rain before it freezes and...I'll fall down. Neither of these options are particularly appealing. However, it is Friday tomorrow and I get to go for drinks with Michelle and then see all my lovely friends in the pub.

At this particular point in time, I also rather like Baileys.


Juicy said...

Here's hoping you haven't fallen down...yet. I also like Baileys. Perhaps we will drink it tonight, or maybe I will just drink Gin.

Juicy said...

Dude you got me drunkyou hussy ho. hope you got home ok wench!xxxx

Sarah said... far as I can remember it was you offering me drinks! Hussy ho yourself :o)