Sunday, February 04, 2007

This weekend, I have

  • Stayed up until past 12 on two consecutive nights, thus actually making the most of not having to get up
  • Mastered the afore-mentioned reverse round a corner
  • Had my hair cut into a style that suits its longer length - it feels so good not to have masses of it falling round my face!
  • Tried on ball dresses and danced round my room - excitingly, they're all too big except for last year's green one which is good for the self esteem, and I think the addition of the optional straps to the red one will mean I can wear it without it falling off (breast flashing not such a good look...)
  • Travelled in a bright pink taxi
  • Drunk a very strong cocktail and a shot of Sambuca in a bar on Broad Street
  • Cut my feet to shreds in my stupid shoes - blood, blisters, the works
  • Stayed in bed until 12, which has to be one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning
  • Had a late gossipy lunch in The Sausage
  • Been back to bed and slept for another hour on Sunday afternoon - bliss
  • Drooled over the exceptionally attractive Hugh Grant who was being charming and funny on Top Gear
  • Not been depressed!!! Hurrah.


Juicy said...

Altogether sounds like an excellent way to spend a weekend! I have had an equally legendary time which I shall blog about with pictures tonight!!

Naomi said...

Arse bandits I forgot about Top Gear! Was at the comedy in the cooler though so did have an excuse, but why do I have to miss the one with Hugh Grant in?! No fair lol!!