Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Annual leave day 2

Today was one of those perfect days that make me very happy indeed. This morning I packed a book and a picnic and walked along the river to Warwick, where I sat under a cherry tree in St Nicholas Park for 2.5 hours reading and eating lunch. The walk was gorgeous - it followed the river for most of the way through trees and fields, and there was a brief stretch along the towpath of the Grand Union Canal where I found a family of ducks swimming next to a pretty little cottage that was almost falling into the canal. I saw masses of blossom trees and smelt wild garlic, and I also saw tortoiseshell and orange tip butterflies. The sun shone and it was hot and the sky was blue, and it was just fantastic!

After lunch I walked back along the same route, then popped home briefly to get changed - today turned out to be the first day of skirt and sandals which is always a momentous occasion. I then went via the newsagents to Jephson Gardens, where I sat for another hour reading the paper and eating a delicious clotted cream and summer fruits icecream.

To round it all off, this evening I went to the Arts Centre to see the LSO. Having not been at work I was actually in the mood to go to a concert, and this didn't disappoint - after a lovely Mussorgsky overture we had a super performance of Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto, followed after the interval by Prokoviev's Romeo & Juliet Suite, complete with timp/bass drum playing to rival Sam and Colin in the Verdi! I was a little disturbed to see not only a bassoonist with the same hair and bone structure as Stuart Dunlop but also a clarinettist who looked like a cross between Colin Touchin and Rory McGrath! However, this was more than compensated for by some very sexy horn players and a rather attractive percussionist. ;o)

I now have Tesco finest chocolate cookies (they were on offer...) and a rather yummy mixture of Mozart Balls chocolate liqueur and creme de menthe, and I'm going to watch Shakespeare in Love and drool over the lovely big eyes of Joseph Fiennes. I recommend a total week off to anyone - life at the moment is rather grand.


Naomi said...

Mozart balls? Now that's something I've never tried before. Ahem.


Juicy the shellshocked Office Worker said...

It's creamy and highly recommended. You can try some at my house on Friday :-)

So so so so so so soooo Jealous of Sarah's week off. It's so nice and sunny today I long to be walking the river path!! Instead I have been doing stupid minutes for stupid team meetings and have loads of even more stupid work piled up for this afternoon. boo.