Tuesday, May 30, 2006


It's amazing how sleepy even a little bit of country air can make you feel! Today Juicy and I drove out to Henley - well, to be accurate Juicy drove and I stared blankly at the map going "Where the hell are we?". We went from Leam through Warwick and then onto the A46 back up to the Leamington junction before I worked out that we needed to go to the big Stratford roundabout. Error. Anyway, once there we ambled up Henley high street looking at all the pretty shops, and then hiked up a muddy hill in the wind and ate a picnic on a bench at the top of said hill. There was only a little bit of rain and we had a good chat and were generally very British about the whole thing. The only thing missing was the blanket and Thermos! After lunch we walked back down the hill and neither of us fell over - I even managed to perform a spectacular stunt to save myself from falling on my arse in the mud.

After that we took the world's most bizarre route to Stratford, thanks once again to my fabulous navigational skills. Let's just say we did 3 sides of a square instead of the 1 that we should have done, and ended up far too close to Redditch. We then wandered round Stratford looking at lovely dresses, and found a fab alcohol shop where you choose a funny shaped bottle and then choose what to fill it with. They even had Limoncello so I'll have to go back when I have money. Finally we went to a tearoom and had cream tea with a free chocolate cake, which left us feeling very fat but happy. After all that we managed to make it home without incident - even we couldn't mess up getting from Stratford to Leam! It was generally a lovely day out and a great way to end the bank holiday. There's nothing like a good girly gossip!

My plan now is to make dinner and watch a film. I think a good cry over Deep Impact may be in order. Morgan Freeman making gravelly-voiced speeches, Tea Leoni resolving her great family conflict before getting killed by a tidal wave, and astronaut types sacrificing themselves to save the world - it's too cheesy for words and I will therefore enjoy it far more than is normal.

Four-day weekends and three-day weeks. Can we do this every week?

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Juicy said...

Well, Stratford to Leam wasn't quite without error - we did get in the wrong lane in Warwick, and then there was that man who I made a rude sign at for barging in front of me and then got scared about so I left a large gap incase he was looking at me...

I can't believe I am being subjected to the football. This is no way to end a girl's holiday dammit. I may have to go upstairs and watch disney.