Thursday, May 04, 2006

Annual leave day 3

Today I decided to amble round Leam town centre before going to the park. This turned out to be a major error. I remembered later on in the morning that bright sunshine gives me a great desire to go shopping and buy things - however this memory returned only after I had purchased the following:
1 sundress
1 bag - possibly the most gorgeous thing ever seen in the history of the world
1 bracelet
1 pair of earrings (eek, I really have to do it now!)
1 pack of knickers
1 bra (necessary for the dress)
1 pair of pyjamas (with both summer and winter tops so actually a a way...)
1 bottle of shampoo
1 bottle of Dove holiday self-tan moisturiser type stuff
2 bottles of suncream
1 baguette for lunch
1 newspaper


I have now decided to apply for a new credit card with 0% interest on balance transfers, and whack the whole lot over to that. Logically this means I should buy the other things I want on my old card so I can transfer the whole lot in one go - I'm therefore going out again tomorrow looking for a summer jacket, a sunhat and some t-shirts. I also plan to get a digibox. If someone would like to remove all my plastic from me and confiscate any notes higher than £5 in value this would be appreciated...

Anyway, after this mad spending spree I re-applied my suncream in the hope that putting on extra now will take away the big red patch on my nose that I got in Warwick yesterday before I realised quite how sunny it was, and went off to the park with my lunch and the paper. It was so amazingly hot but I managed to find a good shady tree by the river with a nice breeze, and spent a happy couple of hours there. After that I ambled home again and then went out to Chorus for a jolly rehearsal with Lucy and Naomi. Another excellent day!

PS - I apologise in advance for any possible summary of tomorrow that I may attempt to post rather late on. The girls and I are going to the cinema and to Old Orleans, and Juicy and I are meeting for lunch first, so my fingers may have gone all draxy by the end of the evening!


Juicy said...

Hurrah for shiny new things!
Am looking forward to our afternoon and evening together, should be fun/carnage!

Lu said...

Maybe we should try and set a drunken blogging record... Or we could come home and do a joint drunken blog - now that'd be interesting!

Am soooooo looking forward to girly night - it's the only thing keeping me in my room typing away at this essay when it's so gorgeous and sunny outside! Still, the more I type the quicker it'll get done.

Ooh, and someone gave me a discount voucher for the Old Orleans! Remind me to use it tonight!

Enjoy your annual leave, glad to hear it's going so well :)