Saturday, May 13, 2006

Star of BBC1

So this week Juicy and I have spent two evenings recording Songs of Praise! On Tuesday we did the audio recording and tonight was the pictures. We both dressed up smart and went to Stratford to sing for 3 hours, and the best part was when the camera man came right to our row and adjusted how I was holding my book and then filmed us for 4 lines! Let's hope it makes it to the final edit... Anyway, the programme is being broadcast on 3rd September so I'm sure there will be a Songs of Praise party to watch it - bizarre or what?!

After the recording we went to a pub for a very well deserved drink, and discovered that while Stratford pubs are gorgeous and full of nice well behaved civilised people, the prices are quite extortionate! We had one drink and headed home via the Emscote Road Tesco, where we ran giggling through the rain to buy pizza and throat sweets. A shelf stacking man thought we were from The Apprentice and the checkout lady talked to us about folk festivals. Then Juicy dropped me off and I ate pizza and drank chocolate goo and mint! Now I'm watching Friends on video and contemplating another pizza. Major fat error.



Sarah said...

Oh God. I just ate 2 pizzas. Error.

Sarah said...

Big fat major fatty error full of fatness. Urrrrg.

Juicy the hoarse said...

Brilliant!! You absolute legend!

Glad you didn't mention the little traffic light incident on here. That was comedy.