Thursday, May 18, 2006

Money, money, money

Or rather the lack of it. Today I finally logged into my online banking to find out how bad it was, and discovered that with 2 weeks until payday I have £5.81 left of my £500 overdraft. I actually had to phone my mum from work to ask her to transfer a tenner into my account so that I'll have enough to pay my internet direct debit tomorrow and won't get cut off. If you never hear from me again it's because it didn't go through quickly enough! Following this I had to withdraw the rest of the money I need for food etc this month...on my credit card. Ouch.

The worst part about this is that I know that technically according to my budget I'm absolutely fine for money, but it's just waiting for it to come through while still having to live and pay bills that's driving me mad. You'd think nobody ever died in this country - 5 months on and dad still hasn't been able to open a probate account because of the incompetence of Barclays, and the accountants are being absolutely useless over the trust fund. The day my cheques finally come through will be a very very good one - until then I'll have to cut back on what my mum calls "going out on the ale" in a major way. Apologies in advance for being anti-social...and for throwing what may turn out to be a very rubbish party on Saturday!


Juicy said...

Aww hun, I have the greatest sympathy for you! It will be ok! And we will cheer you up on Saturday - be prepared for some seriously bad music and some comedy Terry comments. A few glasses of wine and we'll all be merry and none of us will be worrying about our problems (until the hangover kicks in anyway)
I'm always here to lend a friendly ear if you need to chat about anything!

Sarah said...

Thanks me dear! I'm perfectly cheerful at the moment and looking forward to tomorrow - I just meant that I may not be able to buy quite as much cheese/chips & dips/wine as I was intending. I'm sure we'll have a fab time anyway though.

Juicy said...

We'll all bring stuff - we can't expect you to buy all the booze! People will bring stuff I'm sure.

I'm so excited about Eurovision I could wet myself.

But I won't.