Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I love annual leave

This morning, while my colleagues had already been at work for an hour, I was chopping fruit and making a smoothie. After that I went for a completely random walk - I followed the riverside path for a bit until it got muddy and overgrown, and then I explored the back streets of Leamington and got completely lost while knowing that at some point I'd see somewhere I recognised. It was brilliant. At some point I was walking along a tree-lined avenue and the air was thick with the scent of cherry blossom, and the sun was out and it was just lovely. Tomorrow I plan to do the riverside walk in the other direction and hopefully make it all the way to Warwick if such a thing is possible. After lunch I sat and listened to about every Baroque CD I own (currently on Brandenberg Concertos) while reading a book my brother lent me on Blair's foreign policy. This is the first proper week of total rest and nothingness that I've had since Christmas, and it's fantastic! Plus, while doing all these lovely nothingy things I have the knowledge that I'm being paid exactly the same amount as I would be if I was at work. Brilliant.

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Juicy the Council Worker Whore said...

So Jealous.


Hate work.