Friday, May 26, 2006

With apologies to all my male friends...

...who are all lovely people. However, I thought the little fact box I found in yesterday's Metro just had to be reproduced. I have no idea which survey was used to get these figures so it's probably highly inaccurate, but anyway.

94% of men won't abandon their football teams no matter how badly they play, yet 52% of men would walk away from a relationship that was going wrong.

57% of men admitted that they would miss a partner's birthday, a relative's funeral or an operation to watch their team.

63% of men would happily miss a game to have sex.

PS - I have a date tomorrow! Following on from Bob the Stalker and Mark who shall forever be known as Evil Wanker Car Man, I shall post details of John the Probable Weirdo as soon as it's over...

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