Saturday, May 06, 2006

Annual leave day 4

Highlights of yesterday include...
- Lunch with Juicy in the Slug: a club sandwich, two white wine spritzers and girly gossip
- Finally getting my ears done at the grand old age of 23, and discovering that it doesn't hurt!
- Accidentally buying a pair of obscenely high heeled red polka dot wedges in a tipsy/post ear excitement moment
- Staggering from Earlsdon to Cov in said obscene shoes and my new sundress, and feeling very 50s but being unable to walk and getting enormous blisters
- Watching Confetti with the girls
- Lu having a 50% off at Old Orleans voucher, enabling us to have dinner and drinks for six for £40!
- Juicy bringing the emergency flipflops so that I could actually get home (I honestly will be eternally grateful!)

My week of leave is over, and it really couldn't have been any better. Sunshine, bbqs, shopping, friends and icecream! I'm actually now looking forward to getting back to work, which I really wasn't before I had the time off. Hurrah.


Juicy the flipflop hoarder said...

You can always count on me for emergency flipflops. I have worked out that I currently own at least 13 pairs of flipflops of various types, if not more.

Naomi said...

It was a brilliant night - i had a fab time. Hmmm so many quotes - one of my faves was:
Lu: You can't take a clarinettist anywhere
Juicy: Oh yes you can, you can take them anywhere you like...

We should definitely do these things more often - cheered me up no end!

Juicy the Clarinettist said...

Oh yeah I'd forgotten about that.
Not speaking from experience of course...