Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another anniversary

Today it's exactly a year since I moved into my little house in Leam. After work, mum and I lugged all my boxes down the stairs in Canley, drove them here in two loads, dumped them on the floor and went out for dinner. It took so long that we didn't get to the restaurant until 9.20! On reflection I should perhaps have taken the day off. When we got back I found the essentials I needed for the next morning and fell into bed, and then spent the next week unpacking during the evenings and trying to get the place in order. By the time mum and dad came to help me carry my new table and tv stand home from Argos they were most impressed with what I'd done, and ever since I finished building said furniture (all by myself - one of my proudest achievements) it's really felt like home.

I signed up for 6 months initially and then for a further year last March, so when my contract comes up for renewal again I'll have a look to see what's out there. If I can find somewhere with a separate bedroom for the same price I'll definitely go for it (central heating would also be nice!), but otherwise I'm very happy to stay here as anywhere else would have a lot to do to beat this fantastic location.

In the past year my tiny flat has seen a brilliant housewarming, an Ann Summers party, a rather embarrassing Eurovision event, various hysterical cocktail mixing sessions, a pampering party, a very drunken "let's cook everything in my fridge" experiment and a wondrous moment when I fastened the zip up on my ball dress and nearly cried because it fitted so well. My bed has also been shared by five different people, but sadly they were all female - something to sort out during the next year I feel! Hopefully there will be many more happy memories made here before I leave, and I'm already looking forward to making it look lovely again next Christmas, and to buying lots of gorgeous things for my kitchen with my Christmas vouchers. Ooh, and I might even get up the courage to host a dinner party one of these days...then again, that might be taking it just a bit too far...


Juicy said...

"My bed has also been shared by five different people, but sadly they were all female"

What do you mean, 'Sadly'??
Best night I've had in years ;)


Naomi said...

Me too - great bed and great company - who could ask for more! Oh, and you don't have to put up with any snoring either if they're all female (well probably anyway!). xx