Saturday, September 09, 2006


I love shopping. I hadn't been on a big girly shopping trip for aaaaages, but today Lucy and me went to Solihull and had a great day out. We spent 6 hours there and apart from a 45 minute lunch break we just shopped the entire time! I was really pleased to find a soft brown cord skirt that I can wear to work, out to the pub or curled up at home with a snuggly jumper, and it'll go with shoes or boots. Yay! Having whinged about there never being any pretty pyjama sets with long sleeves (I get really really cold in winter and long sleeves are a necessity) I then found just such a pair in Ann Summers of all places, so I bought them as well. I also picked up some tights and some cotton wool, and a cocktail accessories set from Whittard - they were reduced to £1 so we bought one each, and are now the proud owners of straws with sparkly tops, paper umbrellas, seahorse shaped plastic swizzle sticks and odd paper pineapple shapes on cocktail sticks. Class. Lucy found some lovely stuff too including a gorgeous brown leather bag and some smart stripy trousers. As well as buying fab things, we also felt very swanky and ladies-who-lunch-y by going to an Italian place and both ordering smoked salmon fettucine, topped with caviar! It was really delicious and not that expensive, and the Italian waiters were rather yummy as well.

Now all I need to do is find a dress and some boots that fit! But all in all, an excellent day out.


ecueav said...

Yay for your new clothes!!

Clothese are definitely the best - I'm currently in love with everything from Coast -seriously in love!

I've been looking for a new cocktail dress - so much fun! Want to look very sexy for my end of internship party :-D.

Definitely want to see your new clothes when I get back to uni!


Juicy said...

Is that you Naomi? Looks very much like an economics sign in name lol!

Hurrah indeed for shopping it was a most excellent day out and that Italian waiter was seriously fit. I'm really pleased with everything I bought!!

Sarah said...

Ooh, yay for cocktail dresses. Hope you find a nice one Naomi - I love Coast too but it's sooo expensive. I'm sure you'll look fab for your party - make sure you take pictures!

naomi (aka ecueav aka wench) said...

hehe - oops - spot the brain switched off person! Yep,I love being an economics student so much apparently!

Yeah - Coast is expensive, hence why I've never really looked at it until now when I've been earning - there are definitely some perks to having a job!