Friday, September 01, 2006

The Magic Hour

Ladies and gents, it's the magic hour. Let me explain. The magic hour begins at the precise moment that I shut the front door behind me having got back from work on Friday evening, and involves putting on a really fab CD, pouring a large glass of wine, and dancing round my room with joy because it's the weekend. The magic hour can last any length of time, and tonight I think it will be longer than usual because my brother is driving over to see me, and we're spending the evening eating takeaway pizza, drinking, and watching old "greatest sporting moments" compilations - this is an activity that is peculiar to us (and probably peculiar to the rest of the world as well...ooh, wine fuelled humour there) which everyone else would find highly tedious and which we both enjoy greatly.

This weekend is going to be fab! It kind of started yesterday in a way, when I went to Birmingham after work to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Hippodrome with Mark and his work friends. I was only invited on Tuesday because they had a spare ticket, and decided to treat myself given that they were half price seats. The show was really well done with great sets and costumes, and it was lots of fun even though it was about the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. Mark even bought me an icecream in the interval!

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and shopping for shoes (woo) and then hopefully seeing Raquel again if she makes it down, and then Sunday is my proud moment of fame on BBC1 when Juicy and I appear on Songs of Praise! It's on at 6.05, and if anyone fancies popping over to watch it with me you're very welcome. I never thought I'd be inviting people to a Songs of Praise viewing, but there you go.

The really great thing about the weekend though is that it's a long one. I've booked Monday and Tuesday off, and my plan for Monday is to have lunch with the lovely Juicy, while on Tuesday I'm spending the day with mum. We're walking to Warwick and either picnicing or pub lunching, then we're going out for dinner as well. Four long days of freedom in front of me, each of them containing good things! Can't wait.

EDIT: I've just taken Simon's pizza order over the phone. He's having a deep regular Oriental. Say no more...

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