Friday, September 29, 2006

I appear to be slightly drunk

So tonight three of us went for after-work drinks because no-one else would and we are hardcore. Charlotte, Mike and I went to Dogma and I had 3 cocktails and 2 gin and tonics. Then I went home by miraculously managing to ctach 2 buses and now my dinner is in the oven. Coktails are well yummy. I am a liittle bit durnky and I keep running across the room to do cooking type things in a slightly boundy fashion. Hurrah for work people and Dogm.a. Going on holiday tomorrow. Yes.


Juicy said...

durnky eh? Genius. You had better not be hungover and spew in my car tomorrow Ms Barbour, or there will be trouble and I'll make you catch the train. And don't forget the Chick Flick CDs. Tis muchly important.

I had a Mozart Ball. mmmm.

Simon said...

I got rat arsed. And I have to go and row in a quad now. This depresses me.

Also, I sadly didn't get to eat a big red candle, so I can't be as cool as brick tambland.

Sarah said...

Ooh, well remembered about the CDs! I nearly forgot. I appear to be fine this morning and I promise not to decorate your car.

Simon - I have no idea what the big red candle reference is, but you're still pretty cool.

Simon said...

Twas a quote from anchorman. Intriguingly (sp?) when viewing that post with this morning's hangover, I didn't notice a single spelling error. Drunk minds must think alike!