Friday, September 22, 2006

Washing up

Don't try washing up after drinking 2 large glasses of wine. When you come to do the second lot, you'll start drying the first and find that you have bits of food stuck all over your food processor. Then you'll have to wash it again.

I love Fridays.

And I didn't get the job. But I'm quite pleased really, because it means that a) I won't have to go to the same bar every weekend to sell stuff to people, b) I can do exactly what I want on my birthday, ie go to Pizza Express and get pissed (of which more to follow by email in a couple of weeks) and c) I can go speed dating again should the mood take me. Hurrah! The money would have been nice though.

I shall report back in my comments a little later on my first meatball experiment. It's smelling really really good at the moment so fingers crossed!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Well the meatballs were yummy, although they were a healthy recipe that you bake in the oven so no wine in there. Possibly could have had more flavour, but the red chillies were definitely an excellent addition.

Gosh I do love wine.