Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A momentous day

Today, after about 6 months, I finally phoned my letting agent and asked them to fix the light fitting in my living room. They're sending someone round this week. I think I've got the same gap in the efficiency part of my brain that my parents have when it comes to fixing things round the house - currently they have a broken chair, broken curtains and a broken piano stool, all of which have been like that for years. It must be a Barbour thing.

Just think - by the weekend I might be able to turn the living room light on! I'm all about life's little luxuries.


Naomi said...

Don't worry - you're not the only one! I had a tin pencil case for years that had no lid, so a bit useless really as everything would just fall out - still used it for ages though!

Also, I'm still using for my main backpack a bag which has had a huge (and I mean massive) hole in the bottom of it. It's been like this for about 2 years and sooner or later something's got to fall out of it. I really had actually better get a new one now...

Juicy said...

Aww bless you both, you're special.

Another Barbour example has to be your dad's strip light in his flat. It's not just the fact that there isn't one in there, it's the comedy stack of ones that don't fit that he has bought just sitting in the corner of the room.