Sunday, September 03, 2006

We were on the telly!

Woohoo! Just watched Songs of Praise, and Juicy and I were on screen in close-up for a whole 4 lines! As Dad pointed out, the camera did slightly go up my nose, but Juicy looked great and we both looked very virtuous - not sure how we managed that! Juicy rang me and we both squealed down the phone, and now I'm wandering around going, "I was on the telly!". How exciting!

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Juicy said...

I phoned my Nan up after I'd squealed down the phone to you and then promptly squealed at her to which her response was 'ah so it was you then, I wasn't sure.' She's known me longer than I've known myself...I know it was a side shot, but still! Bless her. Gramp then commented that he would be appearing in the programme following Songs of Praise as an Antique. The man is hilarious!

We're so famous. And it didn't take a camera shot up your nose - you looked great too! (did you record it?) Oh and did you see large breast woman from Chorus and the other one who wears the skin tight dress? We're all famous. How cool. See you later for lunch!! x x