Monday, September 18, 2006

Most bizarre interview ever?

Tonight I went to the most random job interview of my (admittedly rather short) working career. Last week the manager of the speed dating company that runs the events at the Slug and Lettuce emailed round the mailing list advertising for a new person to run the Leamington events, and as it was a job aimed at people who already work full-time and offered the chance to earn around £200 a month (depending on bonuses) I thought I'd go for it. So this evening I threw a bit of slap on and headed out to the Slug, where I was interviewed by the manager who bought me a glass of wine before we started and had to take a break every 3 minutes to ring the bell - he was having to run the event as the person they had before had already left.

I think the interview went well and I was able to suggest some marketing ideas which he seemed quite impressed by. Apparently they've had 3 good applicants which he said he'd have trouble choosing between, although you can never be sure if they're just saying that. Anyway, if I get the job it'll be a fantastic way of earning extra money and a great excuse to spend lots of evenings in my favourite bar, and if not then at least I went for it and didn't let myself down. The fun part of the role is running the dating evenings and writing up everyone's comments afterwards, and the hard part will be going up to people in the bar on a Friday or Saturday night and selling the event - but I've got so much better at things like that since I've been working in my current job, and it'll be a great reason to push myself and get much better at it. I think being able to walk up to people and talk to them is a skill that's required by so many jobs these days and I'll need to be really good at it if I want to progress in my current career, so I'd really like the chance to get the experience without having my manager standing there watching me the whole time.

Anyway, if I do get the job the first event's on my birthday, which is a bit of a bugger but does give me a ready-made night out! I checked with the manager and of course everyone would be very welcome to come to the bar and sit in the non-speed dating bit (or join in if you want!) so it could still be a fun evening. The other bonus is that I'd need to ask a friend to co-run each event with me, and whoever wanted to do it would be paid £35 - it can be a different person every time, so get in line ladies (and gents)!

Fingers crossed for Wednesday when I find out...


Juicy said...

Hurrah for being brave and going to the interview, I hope you get the job!

Naomi said...

Wow!! Go you!!